UK Tier 2 Visa Guidance in Details

What Does Uk Tier 2 Visa Refer to?

Uk Tier 2 visa is a general work visa that is required by the British Points Based System. Work visa for the UK from India is for highly skilled workers willing to work outside in Switzerland and the European Economic Area who gets job letter from the countries.

UK companies are willing to sponsor tier 2 visas for the workers they hired in their organization. It would be great if you had job offers with license sponsor companies of the UK. All you need provide the employer proof by submitting the certificate of sponsorship from your organization.

As a Tier 2 General Work Visa holder, you will be allowed to visit outside the UK. You are permitted to bring dependents as UK tier 2 visa extension.

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Who Needs Work Permit UK Tier 2 Visa?

You need to be eligible under specific criteria for a work permit in the UK. The different standards as mentioned below :

  • You need to pass specific general grounds for refusal
  • You need to have a job from UK companies willing to sponsor a tier 2 visa for a skilled job
  • The tier 2 visa minimum salary offered must be approximately £30,000/annum.

The UK permit visa is part of the British point-based system, and the candidates need to meet certain criteria as mentioned below :

  • The applicants require at least 50 points when it comes to attributes.
  • You need to have 10 Points for the knowledge of the English Language
  • Age requirement – 16+
  • Must not have any loans or public funds
  • They are compelled to join the same job in the UK who are willing to sponsor tier 2 visa
  • ATAS (academic technology approval scheme) clearance certificate while meeting all the conditions required.

What is UK Tier 2 visa processing time?

Once you submitted the offer letter from the licensed organization for sponsorship, the maximum time it will take is 3 weeks.

Change in Policy in tier 2 visa after Brexit?

The citizen from EEA who wishes to shift to the UK after Brexit needs to apply under the Tier 2 visa system and needs to meet all the eligibility criteria according to the current Points Based System.

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UK Work Permit Tier 2 Visa Application

For a UK work permit tier 2 visa, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria to complete all the processes from your home country. You need to fill the tier 2 visa application from the Uk government official website. The application includes questions that ask about your purpose of traveling and basic information.

You need to have all the documents required for a UK work permit. You are also required to submit a criminal record certificate and tuberculosis test depending on the country you belong to. It is required to pay additional charges for your health.

If you are traveling to the UK for the first time, you need to book an appointment at the nearest application center, where you need to submit your photographs and biometrics.


How to Switch Tier 4 visa to Tier 2 Work Permit UK

If you had Tier 4 visa and wish to change it to Tier 2 visa, you need to the following conditions.

You hold a degree of UG/PG from Universities in the UK. You had completed your degree from a UK Education institution, which is licensed for tier 4 visa sponsorship.

Document Required for UK tier 2 Visa

  • Tier 2 Visa sponsorship letter from the organization
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Tuberculosis test results (Depends on the home country)
  • Police registration certificate.
  • Proof your financial funds

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